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a long leash

Sweet Pass Sculpture Park in Dallas, TX | 9/9 - 11/18/23

Sweet Pass Sculpture Park presents a long leash, a solo offering by Houston-based artist Ryan Hawk. Utilizing a wide array of materials, such as recycled architectural glass and artist-manufactured bricks, Hawk showcases a command of concepts and techniques from realistic figurative sculpture to collaged found footage. a long leash unfolds across the grounds, tucking into the park's foliage and reimagining the space inside SP2.

Hawk's artistic vision navigates a complex terrain, deftly incorporating art historical references into political discourse. His work delves into a spectrum of themes, from the implications of American cultural hegemony on the trajectory of Modernism to its resonance in the context of 21st-century socio-political protests. a long leash takes direct aim at our understanding of influence within contemporary aesthetic production, challenging viewers to reassess the multifaceted forces shaping the art world today.

This project was supported in part by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.